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Allow me to introduce a simplified spectrum of my work at first glance.
you will find an unusual collection of styles and various type of designs.

In my work with much Variety there is always Unity,
From Modern to Classic 
From Simple to Fantasy 
From Chic to Funky 
From Islamic to Ethnic 
From Traditional to Futuristic 
From Contemporary to Living Style 

Where all the projects have been carried entirely to the last details and perfections.
From the Architecture design until the Fabrics and Towels.
all designed and custom made to a unique project. 

So called the Stylized Designer .
My future outlook is to push the oriental style into simplified modern and contemporary life style. Or contemporary Architecture and Interior with a touch of the oriental style, which will be the look anticipated for your project.
Hope you find them interesting .



Interior designer and founder of Amar Alamdar Design Studio.
An artist, photographer and poet.

Passionate about architecture of all places and through the ages, Amar gets his inspiration to fuse both architecture and the arts, giving him the strength and skill to create exceptional designs on fabric, while telling stories and illustrating his artistic philosophy.

Amar’s principles of design are based on the integration of all the arts that affect the five senses, including music and fashion within the framework of a complete design, which appeals to art lovers and those who appreciate design and creativity. Having studied at the American University in London and graduated in 1991, with a rooted background in the history of architecture, design, and the history of theatrical art, he embarked on his ongoing career of over 26 years of  creation and diverse design work.

Amar has his own initiatives to support upcoming artists, and encouraging interconnectivity  between all the arts.


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